Women's Rules

Saturday/Sunday Women’s Rules

Full Women’s Tournament Rules will be in effect as set out by FIL.

This will include the monitoring of yellow and red cards given. Any cards given have an assigned value, any player receiving more than 8 points will receive a 1 match ban for the next tournament game.

Yellow – 2 points
Red – 6 points
Yellow/Red – 4 points
Accumulation of 8 points is a 1 match ban. Once a game ban has been served the player’s points are reset to zero.
These bans effect this tournament only and do not affect any matches outside of this weekend.

The Sunday women's tournament will use the above where necessary but not to the full extent of the Saturday tournament.

Fairplay is very important to all to make this an enjoyable tournament which is why we have decided to include card tracking this year. We will in return be awarding a team from each pitch with a fairplay award as nominated by the umpires.