All umpiring will be provided by Level 2 qualified umpires.  This is a major development for this tournament and we think it will take the pressure off those that are run ragged playing and umpiring, leaving them to have fun and just play for the day.

We are trying to arrange for level 2 testing to be available on Saturday and Sunday, keep an eye on the website for further information.  For level one, you do not need to been seen by an official assessor you just need 3 forms signed off by any of the people listed on the assessment form, which is available in various places, but if you email us we will send it to you.  If you know that you want to be tested for level 2 please email us on


If you are not going to be playing in the tournament or are only playing 1 of the 2 days and you want to earn some money then let us know! We will be paying £50 per day and including free camping, water.  If you are interested please fill in this form to express interest to umpire at the NUCC.
Umpiring for National Finals on Saturday - we will have a slightly different payment plan for this and will speak directly to the usual suspects for this!

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