Money Basics

The bad news from 2011 - we lost £700 - not too bad for a first attempt especially with the introduction of paid umpires.
The good news for 2012 is we heard the comments about separate parking costs and the evening do so we're changing it!
2012 Budget
We are aware there have been question marks over the money for this tournament both now and in previous years and we said we’d be transparent, so for anyone who wishes to know the predicted budget for 2012, here goes...

Outgoings 2012:

  • £4000 Grounds, pitch marking, field for parking
  • £3500 Umpires
  • £3000 is everything else inc cancellation insurance, signage, St John's Ambulance, AA signage ...

Total Outgoings approx £10.5K

Fixed Income:

  • £9000 Entry Fees
  • £600 Stall Holders

Variable Income:

  • Raffle Sales
  • Collection Buckets


Cost Per Team:

  • Assuming 24 teams  Womens and 24 teams Mixed
  • 10k / 48 = £209 per team - We charge £180 for 1 team entered and £150 for subsequent teams from the same club - We then rely on collections/raffle etc!