Mixed Rules

  • NO Tackling
  • All players on the field must wear mouth guards
  • When the whistle goes you MUST STAND STILL
  • 4-second rule will be used, therefore the ball must be released before the fifth count
  • You are not allowed to intentionally drop the  ball, and then pick it up in order to re-start the 5-second rule
  • Non-Contact/No Barging
  • Each team will have 12 players, no more than 6 male on the pitch at anytime (inc goalie) [changed from 2011]. Yes if your goalie is female you can have 6 men on the pitch
  • Men must play with women's sticks
  • Squads of up to 18
  • The goalkeeper must wear a facemask and helmet with a mouth guard, throat protector and chest protector. The goalkeeper may wear padding on hands, arms, legs, shoulders and chest
  • No DANGEROUS shots from below the waist [changed from 2011 - this is at the umpires discretion]
  • At least three field players of each team must be in their own half at any one time
  • Rolling Substitutions
  • No player except the goal keeper may enter the goal circle at any time
Major Fouls
  • Dangerous shots inc shooting through other players
  • Persistent Infringement of rules inc barging/contact and unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Tackling inc swiping - even if the intention is not to tackle
Minor Fouls
  • Contact
  • Body Blocking
  • Dangerous Pass – No Flicking

Major Foul – Stand 4m behind the person you fouled
Minor Foul -  Stand 4m to the side (Inc stick)
Yellow and Red cards will be given

Yellow – 2 points
Red – 6 points
Yellow/Red – 4 points
Accumulation of 8 points is a 1 match ban. Once a game ban has been served the player’s points are reset to zero.
These bans effect this tournament only and do not affect any matches outside of this weekend.