Info Exchange

We know that sometimes it’s not easy when we are at school or leaving university to find out where you can play lacrosse. Or if you want to learn how to coach or umpire, who do you talk to, so we have incorporated an information exchange tent. 

Here you can go and chat to clubs, pick up their information, hear when they train, learn what divisions they play in, how many sides they have.  Meet the development team, see what they can do to help you.  Go and say hello to the education team and see what courses you can get on to help improve your club and last but no means least, meet the umpires and let them convince you that it’s not that bad, on Sunday they’ll let you umpire with them, just to get a taste of it.

This is your area too, email any information to Rachel Campbell as she will be coordinating this area. So anything you want to give us to promote your club please do.  I’ll warn you now Hatch End are going big in this tent, so don’t let them steal the show!!