Clubs and Colleges has been going a long time, our first record of a winner was in 1948, when Reigate won it.  Teams such as Ancient and Moderns also won in 40's and 50's.  It seems that Putney were the floosie's of the game linking up with Seagulls, Bedford and Liverpool to win in the 60s and 70s!  Liverpool won twice without Putney in the 70s.  But the stand out team of this entire period was Bedford CPE - where are you now...  The attached schedule of play is from 1977 and was found in an old Hatch End box of information.  Smoothy and I particularly like the statement that "the organisers decision is final"!!  Beware!!  We will update this page as more information comes in, but in the meantime who know's who the Seagulls were.....? 
Past Winners Women's Championships                            Carlton Berry Cup                                        Mixed
1948    Reigate
1950    Ancient and Moderns
1951    Bedford CPE
1952    Putney and Seagulls
1953    Reigate
1954    Bedford CPE and Reigate
1956    Bedford CPE and Reigate
1956    Reigate
1957    Bedford CPE and Reigate
1958    Bedford CPE
1959    Bedford CPE and Reigate
1960    IM Marsh CPE
1961    Bedford CPE and Seagulls
1962    Bowden (SAC Cup)
1963    Dartford CPE
1964    Rain
1965    Bowden
1966    Blackheath
1967    Bedford CPE
1968    Liverpool and Putney
1969    Liverpool
1970    Liverpool
1971    Bedford CPE
1972    Bedford CPE
1973    WIVAB
1974    Bedford CPE
1975    Bedford CPE
1976    Bedford CPE
1977    Pendley and Bedford CPE
1978    Pendley
1979    Purley
1980    Wirral
1981    Pendley                                                    
1982    Pendley                                                                        Guildford
1983    Bedford CPE                                                                 Guildford
1984    St Mary's  CHE                                                             Guildford
1985    St Mary's CHE                                                              Edinburgh
1986    West London                                                                Bedford CPE
1987    Putney                                                                         Edinburgh
1988    Berkshire Wanderers                                                     Edinburgh Ladies
1989    Centaurs                                                                       Edinburgh Ladies
1990    West London                                                                 Edinburgh Ladies
1991    Centaurs                                                                       Harpenden Ladies
1992    Pendley                                                                        Beckenham Beetles
1993    Centaurs                                                                       Edinburgh Thistles
1994    Birmingham University                                                   Purley
1995    Berkshire Wanderers                                                  
1996    Berkshire Wanderers                                                     Edinburgh Thistles
1997    Berkshire Wanderers                                                     Worcester
1998    Berkshire Wanderers                                                     The Chicks
1999    Berkshire Wanderers                                                     Edinburgh Thistles
2000    No Play                                                                        Edinburgh Thistles
2001    Banbury and Birmingham                                                                   
2002    Pendley                                                                       Centaurs
2003    Centaurs                                                                      Blackheath
2004    Centaurs                                                                      Timperley
2005    Harpenden                                                                   Nottingham
2006    Berkshire Wanderers                                                    Timperley
2007    Centaurs
2008    Berkshire Wanderers
2009    Centaurs
2010    Putney
2011    Centaurs                                                                      Hawks                                            Team Adrenaline
2012    Centaurs                                                                      Hawks                                            Pink and Green
Emily Chong,
18 Jan 2011, 02:40